second opinions for patients with hearing or balance disorders

A second opinion can help to confirm your diagnosis, review your treatment plan, and provide any additional treatment options for you.

For those patients who are interested in seeking a second opinion regarding their complex hearing or inner ear-related balance condition, we offer several options:


We are a tertiary level Otology, Neurotology, and Audiology practice and commonly provide second opinions for pediatric and adult patients with complex hearing or balance disorders who live in New England, the United States, and abroad.

We would recommend that if travel is possible, an onsite consultation be performed.

A full evaluation of your medical records, including a comprehensive review of your hearing and balance testing, MRI and temporal bone CT scans, will be performed.

In addition, audiologic and balance testing is provided based upon the extent of previous testing done elsewhere.

A second opinion will allow you to make a more informed decision regarding your medical or surgical treatment options.


We will need:

1) your most recent RELEVANT medical records

2) all hearing and balance testing reports

3) any recent brain MRI scans and/or temporal bone CT scans. We will need the actual scans - either the films or the images on a CD-ROM

4) if your previous temporal bone CT scans were not high resolution (0.5mm collimation) and did not include coronal cuts, they may need to be repeated - you can have them performed locally if you have a university-based radiology department that can do them, or they will be repeated when you come to visit us.

5) any written radiology reports

6) any relevant surgical pathology reports.


Please contact Dr. Daniel Lee's office at 1.617.573.3130 (voice) to make an appointment or email us at

If you cannot travel to Boston:

please contact Phillip Lord to arrange for a remote second opinion by Dr. Daniel Lee.

Phillip Lord, Patient Liaison

Department of Otolaryngology
Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
243 Charles Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02114 USA

+01 617 573 3041 (voice)
+01 617 573 6348 (24-hour facsimile)